Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Did that really happen?

Life has been crazy lately. We have been without daycare since June 12th.  Yep and I have to put this all in writing and journal it because it still seems so absurd to me and in a few years I want to remember the details so I can look back and laugh. That will happen right?  I will one day be able to laugh about all this - this terribly stressful situation that has easily given me 10 more gray hairs.  I will leave out names and identifying details because at the end of the day, Natalie spent 10 months being truly loved and cherished by our daycare provider and we were devastated to see our relationship end this way.

About a month ago, our daycare provider told us she would be going out of town for two weeks. She had planned to be off June 12th (we knew this well in advance) as her daughter's best friend was getting married and she would be attending the wedding.  But she let us know that she was leaving on June 15th to go "home" to visit her family.  She said she would be back on June 27th and reopen on June 29th. After a mini-meltdown, I got my shit together and Brandon and I came up with a plan. His mother would come stay with us for a week while school was still in session and then Brandon would be home for a week.  We would survive. When Brandon picked Natalie up from daycare on June 11th, he was told by the provider that she would text us when she got home. Sounds lovely, that would be perfect.

Sunday afternoon we still hadn't heard from our daycare provider. Brandon called a couple times and finally left a voicemail Sunday night.  Monday morning when I got up for work, we still had no text, emails or phone calls from her. Brandon was frustrated. I told him I would look for a back-up daycare provider for the following week in case we didn't hear anything. I too called and left a voicemail. It is now Wednesday - three days into the work week and we have yet to hear from our daycare provider. No phone call. No text. No email. Nothing.

We are very fortunate that Brandon is a teacher and is off this week; however, next week starts summer school. Then what to we do? By the grace of God, we found another daycare provider. I started a search Monday morning as a back-up plan for next week.  She seems absolutely lovely and Natalie really got along well with the other children when I went to visit her on Monday afternoon. Bonus: she is less than a mile from our house. However, she is off all next week but promises she really will be open on July 13th. 

Brandon and I volleyed ideas around about waiting it out for our current provider to see if maybe she would be home next week.  After much deliberation, we decided to end our contract with her and start a brand new adventure with the new, closer to home, provider.  I sent our former provider an email as she still was not answering the phone.  What about next week?  More ideas volleyed around and we settled on me taking 4 days off week since summer school is Monday-Thursday so Brandon will be home on Friday anyways. It will be an unexpected staycation with my girl. While there is a lot going on at work and the idea of not being there stresses me out, a mama's gotta go what a mama's got to do.  Besides, Brandon and Natalie have gotten to have a few weeks of special bonding time and I am looking forward to having some of my own.  

So cheers to a few days off next week with my best girl and a new daycare adventure. I think this will be a really good change for her.  There are not only more children at the new provider, but there are children closer to her in age and I really think she will really thrive with Ms. C.  We are sad to leave our current daycare, but we need to do what's best for our family. I am still shaking my head wondering if this is all really happening.

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