Monday, June 29, 2015

weekend wrap-up

This weekend was super low-key which was nice.  It was needed, especially for Brandon after a week of getting his ass kicked by a toddler.  She really ran that man ragged during their rain filled week together.  

Friday I had dinner with three of my best friends from high school.  Meanwhile, at home, Brandon had a cute little dinner date of his own :)
Becky, Kat, Me, India - 14+ years of friendship and counting

Daddy's Friday night dinner date :)
Saturday was a most perfectly lazy rainy day.  Brandon and I talked out a few major projects which we are super excited about :)  I have a post planned about this for later in the week.  Big things are happening at the Wilkinson house!

Sunday morning I was painting my toes and it occurred to me that Natalie might sit still long enough for me to paint hers.  I died. I absolutely died at how adorable her little piggies looked with some bright red nail polish on them.  She could not wait to show Dada and ended up getting a little nail polish on the couch in the playroom.  Ahh well, life with a toddler.  After playing salon, we headed to Target to get diapers and grabbed a quick lunch at Barley & Hops where children eat free on Sunday, can't beat that!

Sunday afternoon was filled with snuggles and cleaning up after our little tornado. 

Here's to hoping this week goes by as fast as the weekend did! We're looking forward to a visit from Unkie and the 4th of July this weekend :)

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