Monday, June 8, 2015

weekend wrap-up

To say we did nothing this weekend would be the understatement of the year.  From the time I pulled into the driveway Friday afternoon to this morning at 5:53, my car did not move once.  It was refreshing. The only time Brandon's truck left the driveway was when he had to run around the corner to get gas for the tractor.

Saturday morning, I cleaned the house while Natalie played and Brandon mowed the lawn.  Natalie does a really nice job of playing independently and I am super lucky for that reason. However, I know both of the dogs will tattle on her if she is doing something she shouldn't be. Gemma barked at her this weekend when she tried to climb into one of chairs at the kitchen table. I love that little snitch :)

Sunday was spent in our typical way.  Morning snuggles in bed while we watch Disney channel, breakfast and then playing outside.  No warm weather weekend in our house is complete without a tractor ride for Natalie and the water table :)

love the look of surprise on Brandon's face :)

next stop: the cover of Vogue 

these two :)
We closed out the weekend with dinner on the deck.  It was absolutely gorgeous yesterday and the humidity was so low.  I am beyond thankful that we had a quiet weekend as the next few weeks are going to be super chaotic and busy! Hope everyone out there had wonderful quiet weekends filled with family and fun!

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