Monday, June 22, 2015

weekend wrap-up: Father's Day edition

We have had such busy weekends lately and this one was no different.  This weekend, however, was a very special weekend as we celebrated Father's Day!  Last year Natalie was the superstar of Father's Day as she crawled for the first time, but this year, we were able to really focus on Dada which was fun :)

I was really excited about gift-giving this year.  Every morning Brandon and Natalie take a selfie and send it to me. I have been saving them in an album just waiting for the right time to use them.  When an email from Huggies with a free 8x8 photobook coupon code came across my email, I knew it would be the perfect time.  I complied all of the selfies that Brandon and Natalie have taken together and put them in a Dad + Nat book.  It was the perfect gift for our little peanut to give her Dada.  I also put a little pinterest inspired picture in a frame for Natalie to give to Brandon.  All in all, I think I am setting her up to be a pretty legit gift giver :)

My gift to Brandon was an obvious choice. The Blue Envelope has done it again with these Dad shirts.  I knew it would make the perfect Father's Day gift for our best guy :)

We spent most of the day playing outside.  A favorite weekend past-time at the Wilkinson house these days is sitting on the deck watching Miss Nat play with her water table. This weekend was no different; however, Brandon did join her in the fun and I couldn't help but swoon at this totally adorable father/daughter moment.

We closed out the Father's Day celebration with one of Brandon's favorite meals: smoked pork shoulder, corn on the cob, fried green tomatoes and potato salad.  All in all, I think it was a successful day celebrating our guy :)

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