Monday, June 1, 2015

weekend recap

This was another big weekend for us.  Friday after work I bit the bullet and got my hair cut.  Seven inches later - I am a brand new woman.  It was so needed and I feel much better. 

Saturday morning was spent running errands in prep of a little bbq.  Throughout the afternoon on Saturday, our home was filled with family and friends.  It was so good to see people I don't get to see often, snuggle baby Mia and to enjoy some time outside of work with the awesome people I live the 9-5 (or, you know, 6-3) with. I was terrible about taking pictures but at least I have these two gems :)
these three were the best of friends :)
It didn't occur to me until Sunday that Nat was not in the picture
Sunday was a super fun day with the little miss.  We learned that she has officially outgrown her 2T shorts that we just got her in April!  She must have had a growth spurt between then and now because I made her try them all on!  Thank goodness my parents just got her some 3T summer clothes and my friend Nydra passed along some of her daughter's hand-me-downs!  After a mini meltdown about my baby getting too big, we went to Tractor Supply store and the roadside BBQ place with Unkie.  Natalie ate her weight in pulled pork so I guess I understand how she is growing so fast! After Unkie hit the road, we had some story time snuggles in the hammock before playing outside.  This little girl is a total water baby.

she loves her puppy :)
We grilled out for dinner last night to keep things simple after such an action packed weekend. I love weekends that are so filled with love. Hope everyone else had a fun weekend with family and friends! Here's to hoping this week feels as short as last week was!

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