Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Toddler Rompers

One of my favorite parts of summer as a Mama is seeing those little chunky thighs in shorts, skirts and rompers.  Holy moly - I cannot help but be all heart eyes when I see that little girl in her summer wardrobe. I am particularly obsessed with rompers.  While not always fun at diaper changes, they are super adorable and I really love that look for tiny humans.  I just wish I could pull it off!  Here are some of our favorite rompers this summer:

Target is on point with their romper game - shocker, right?  From the simple chambray to the neon colors and bright floral prints - they have a little bit of everything. I am loving the red ruffle shoulder romper described on the website as "spicy" and if I spot it in Target, you can bet your bippy that little gem is coming home with us for our spicy little girl!

Old Navy caught me seriously off guard when we were there a couple weekends ago.  Their simple but random prints made me swoon. I could not pass up on the black and white pineapples or the black and gold zebras.  Of course they had their trademark brightly colored striped rompers, but those did not tug at my heart strings the same way.

I love that Carters and Gymboree have some really cute, simple rompers this summer.  While I do love the bold, I love the simple ones just as much. I really like Carters crochet romper.  I love that you can easily add a pop of fun and color with an Emerson Grace Boutique headband, clip or wrap!  And Gymboree is killing it with their denim romper with the summery orange detail and the flutter sleeves. It's simple but playful. Swoon. 

Do you have a favorite place to get rompers? We are dying to add to our collection!

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