Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday

I don't usually post on Thursdays but something happened yesterday and I need some feedback on this. So I decided we shall have the occasional Thursday Thoughts.

Yesterday morning I was taking a mental break and perusing my favorite mom blogs. I came across Jessica Garvin's most recent post and I could have cried. I had the most insane bump envy, ever. It hit me like a brick wall.  I sent my best friend Caitlin a quick text because I needed to be talked off the ledge.  The craziest part - I am not even really ready for another baby.  Don't get me wrong, I would happily welcome a pregnancy and be absolutely elated about our family growing, but Natalie is at such a fun age and I am not ready to shake her little world up just yet. 

She is becoming more and more vocal and independent and I am so excited for the summer with her.  We have so many fun things planned and I cannot wait to really explore our new neighborhood parks and library with her.  Our summer bucket list is jam packed with fun and being newly pregnant would put a little bit of a damper on those things.  I remember how rough those first 10 weeks were.  Not to mention, I am excited for some after bedtime margs on the deck in the two person hammock with the husby.  

Honestly, I think we need to get settled in the house a bit more and get a few more of the projects done before we're physically ready to welcome another Wilkinson.  And by a few more projects, I mean we have a page long laundry list of things we want done sooner rather than later.  My favorites on the list include: paint (and maybe even furnish) the living room, rip out the wallpaper in the master bathroom (seriously, the red has got to go), fill the random backyard potholes as I like to call them and get our little girl a swing-set. Brandon would tell you that those are towards the bottom of the list. He does a much better job at prioritizing the to-do list - I just want to do the fun things :)

With all that going on, I don't know why it hit me the way that it did. Maybe because Jessica was home making breakfast with her babies and that is something I might be willing to negotiate soul selling to obtain. Maybe because her bump is absolutely adorable and I really did enjoy having a baby bump. Maybe it's the fact that she has two little girls and a third on the way and I am a little jealous because after having one little girl - I would love to have all little girls (totally just jinxed myself).  Maybe it's my new birth control pills messing with my hormones. Or perhaps, deep down I really am ready for another baby. 

Nope - it's the hormones. Has to be. 

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