Wednesday, June 17, 2015

summer bucket list 2015

With the official start of summer happening on Sunday, Brandon and I have been talking quite a bit about our summer bucket list.  Natalie is at such a fun age that we want to do more things with her and let her experience more things. So here is our summer bucket list!

1. Go to, at least, one Frederick Key's baseball game.  Hopefully on a fireworks night!

2. Take Hank swimming in the river.

3. Have a few more pot-luck BBQs.

4. Take Natalie to the zoo :)

5. Play mini-golf.  

6. Splash in a splash pad.  Hopefully we can find a local one - the only ones I know of are not particularly close by.

7. Eat dinner outside at least once a week, provided the weather cooperates.

8. Run through the sprinkler and spend hours playing with the water table.

9. Sip on margaritas or Leinenkugel Summer Shady's in the hammock. Which I guess means we will have to actually move it out of our living room :)

10. Family day-trip to Gettysburg. I am hoping to get a couple pictures of Natalie in the same place where we had our maternity pictures taken :)

11. Go to the rodeo.

12. Take advantage of the Farmer's Markets.

13. Go to some of the local fairs and carnivals as our county has a TON of them!

14. Get ice cream from Rocky Point Creamery :)  There is something special about local, homemade ice cream and this creamery is located next to a field of sunflowers which makes the experience that much sweeter!

15. Day trip to Greenbrier State Park.

What's on your summer bucket list?!

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