Friday, June 12, 2015

Four Happiness Friday

Happy Friday y'all!

1. New clothes for Natalie :)  Since our little chunk has already outgrown her 2T stuff we got her for the summer, I ordered a few things from Old Navy using Ebates (don't forget to click here if you want to try it out!) to hold her over until we can make a trip to the outlets.  Her clothes are due to arrive today and I cannot wait to get her into some of them!
how cute is this dress?!
2. Plenti Points. I signed up to earn Plenti points without really understanding how to earn them or how the program works but with Safeway stopping their relationship with Exxon, I had to come up with a new plan to save money on gas. Every time I stop at the gas station down the street from our house, I swipe my Plenti card.  Yesterday when I stopped for gas I saved $2 and I wasn't expecting to at all. It was a very pleasant surprise.  I am now far more invested in learning how to earn points and where I can use them!

3. This Buzzfeed article from Tuesday made my day.  It also really makes me want this mug:

mug from Sparkle & Wine
4. Gender reveal celebration!  One of my favorite co-workers is pregnant and it's not public knowledge just yet so I won't disclose her name. However, she did blood work to learn the gender of her baby because waiting until 20 weeks is basically torture.  So for some end of the week fun, she did a little gender reveal party at work for those of us who know she is pregnant. It was so much fun to celebrate her and baby GIRL M with a little cake and baby banter.  I absolutely love gender reveal parties as a way to celebrate a pregnancy and I wish I had done one.  There were no gifts and it wasn't anything crazy, just a special way to celebrate part of her journey to parenthood. What's not to love?  Maybe next time around :)

We have another busy weekend ahead of us!  Two of our favorite friends from college are tying the knot this weekend and then Sunday we are meeting Brandon's parents for lunch.  It should be a fun weekend but I have no doubt we'll be pooped come Sunday night!  Hope everyone has fabulous weekends filled with gorgeous weather and good times!

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