Friday, June 5, 2015

four happiness Friday

1. Girlfriends: both non-mom & mom. I will explain my love for both this week.

Non-Mom. The other day I found out that daycare was going to be closed for two weeks due to a family emergency.  I panicked. She was closing a week before school was ending so I would need to find a week of coverage. My high school girlfriends and I have a running group text (best thing ever) and I am currently the only mom in the group. I text them while I was at the peak of my frustration to vent. Not one, not two but all three of them said they would help me out. Kat told me Natalie could stay with her for a week (bless her heart thinking I could part with my child for more than the required 11 hours/day). India and Becky said they thought it might be fun to tag-team watch her for the week. I really do have the most thoughtful girlfriends in the history of friendship. [We were able to avoid a total crisis, Brandon's mom will stay with us for a week to watch Nat for us.]

Mom. I have blogged my gratitude about mom friends in the past but this week I am feeling particularly grateful for my mom friends, one in particular. I "met" Melissa through her blog One Mother to Another and we connected through facebook and email and I am so lucky that we have.  She is honest and funny and sincere and has welcomed me into a little virtual mom group that I didn't know I needed.  I am hoping that our paths cross in the real world sometime in the near future! 

2. Ebates. Who doesn't love the idea of getting money back for online shopping? I always saw the commercials and felt quite skeptical but it's actually seriously awesome. I decided to join after Jenn from Two by Two Mom featured Ebates on her page.  It's really easy.  You create an Ebates account and when you're ready to online shop, just visit the store from the Ebates website.  For example, I love Old Navy for Natalie's clothes. I logged into Ebates and found Old Navy and clicked on the link. It took me to the Old Navy website and I shopped like normal. After I checked out, I got an email from Ebates saying I would be getting a $2.10 rebate for that shopping trip! Checks are mailed out quarterly which is nice.  It's totally forgotten money that shows up one day.  Sign up here if you want to try it out!

3. Flowers. One of my very favorite patients was graduated this week and the day after we graduated her to her OB/GYN, she sent us the most cheerful and beautiful flowers :)  

It doesn't happen often around here so it caught me off guard but it definitely made my day!  There are few things better than feeling appreciated for what you do!

4. Sick day. Yesterday when Brandon got to daycare, he was taking Natalie out of her carseat and she decided to vomit all over him. Needless to say, our provider would not take her. I was waiting for my coffee at Starbucks when I got the panicked phone call. I made the 40 minute commute into work to turn around and drive home. However, it was nice to have an unexpected day off with my girl :)  She seemed fine the rest of the day so we think she might have eaten too much at breakfast.

I am so happy it's Friday and that we don't have anything planned this weekend.  Life has been so busy and so go-go-go that it will be nice to have some downtime with my little family. Hope everyone has fun weekends filled with love and laughter. 

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