Monday, May 18, 2015

weekend recap

This was a crazy busy weekend for us and we had absolutely no intention of it being that way.  I am still unsure of how it is Monday already.  All the hard work definitely paid off though and we got to close out the weekend with a fire in the backyard with my parents :)

Friday when I got home from work, I was determined to get our kitchen organized before Brandon got home with Natalie.  We have a bad habit of throwing the mail on the table and letting it sit.  Our kitchen counter was lacking organization and I just needed something to give.  A little pinterest magic and it's so much better.


old picture frame + craft paper = menu board. love it!
We celebrated our new organization with dinner on the deck :)

On Saturday Brandon ripped out the horrible pond that was in our yard while I ran errands with Natalie.  Then Sunday morning after a family trip to Lowe's he planted a few beautiful hydrangeas for me :)  That man truly knows the way to my heart.  We still have some mulching to do there and perhaps adding a couple more hydrangeas and possibly a rose bush or two, but I am absolutely obsessed with it and so happy that pond is gone!

munchkins for being the BEST baby at the grocery store :)
I also did some rearranging of Natalie's toys on Saturday.  I brought her little pink table up from the basement and put it in front of the window in the living room and I love it there.  She has been super obsessed with puzzles lately and this gives her a real space to sit and work on them.  I think we have finally figured out what we want to do with that space so we're starting the process of putting money aside to get what we're looking for. 

All in all, it was a pretty awesome weekend. Exhausting but awesome.  Today I have to take my car in to get an estimate on the accident damage and then I will get to spend some time with my parents.  Natalie played hookey today from daycare to get some time in with my parents and I am so happy that they will get to spend the day with her :)

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