Friday, May 1, 2015

Four Happiness Friday

What a dang week.  Brandon is almost done with grad school which is going to make out weeks feel less chaotic which will be a blessing.  Last week he tried doing school work after Natalie went to bed which meant we got to see more of him but he was completely burnt out.  This week it was back to school work when he got home so we're seeing less of him but we know the end is just around the corner.  Even among the chaos there is still plenty to be thankful and happy about!

1. I love Starbucks. Just about every morning I go to the same Starbucks. (It really is my one seriously guilty pleasure... besides 19 Kids and Counting.) Sometimes they get my name right on my cup, sometimes not. If Alice is working, then my name is right on my cup and she draws me a picture.  Anyways - I went there on Wednesday morning to get my coffee and the woman in front of me ordered the same drink I always get (venti Tiramisu latte). AND SHE USED THE LAST OF THE SUPPLIES! Alice could see how distraught I was about not having my regular drink so my coffee was free :) There are good, kind people in the world and Alice from Starbucks is one of them. I left a $5 tip. 

ps - This morning I tried the s'mores frap to see what all the noise is about and I understand. It's delish. I forget to get the cookie straw but there is always next time!

2. On Tuesday, I felt like I had my shit together. My shoes and my purse matched. My outfit was together. I smelled like a grown-up thanks to finally having nice perfume back in my life.  And I was told more than once, by people other than Brandon, that I looked nice. Way to go, grown-up Tori!

yep, this happened to send my mom as proof...

post daycare pick-up selfie with my girl :) she looks a mess and I love it
3. Watermarking. On Wednesday I wrote about a pretty heavy topic that has been weighing on my mind quite a bit. I also said I was going to take on the project of adding my watermark to all of my pictures on my blog.  I had no idea when I made that decision just how many there were!  However, I am making progress!  I have gotten through the first two months of Natalie's life.  Baby steps, my friends, baby steps.

4. Natalie has been super affectionate this week.  Since birth I have been giving her Eskimo kisses and the other night, for the first time, she initiated them!  We were on Skype with my parents and saying goodbye to them and she was blowing kisses and giving me kisses and then she grabbed my face and gave me Eskimo kisses. I nearly died. She is such a sweet pea when she wants to be!

Hope everyone has exciting weekend plans!  It's one of my favorite weekends of the year: DERBY WEEKEND!! I have an excuse to wear a big floppy hat, drink mint juleps and serve tea sandwiches and adorable cake bites!  While I was hoping to score Natalie and I matching Lily for Target outfits for the Derby this year, that will have to wait until next year. This year we will keep a little bit more low-key; however, Brandon has promised me a fabulous Derby party in 2016 complete with bow-ties. Ok, fine, he didn't agree to the bow-tie part but I have a year to work on it :) I know they say that American Pharoah is the horse to watch, but I kind of like Danzing Moon, Carpe Diem and Mr. Z (50-1 odds so I am not holding my breath).  They are all such beautiful horses.  It will be fun to watch this year with Natalie.  I am interested to see how she reacts to the horses this year.  This weekend is also the South Mountain Creamery Spring Festival which we might have to check out if there is enough time :)

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