Friday, May 29, 2015

Four Happiness Friday

Sleep deprivation (hello 3:30AM wake-up, I haven't seen you in over a year) + allergies from hell (the cause of said sleep deprivation, the little miss has been blissfully sleeping through the night for quite some time - thank you, Jesus) means we're just going to jump right into things today...

1. Family dinner last night.  While it was a total shitshow thanks to our terrible pitbull being overly excited to see my dad (Hank thinks he and my dad are total besties - no one has the heart to set him straight), it was nice to have everyone at the house for dinner.  Even though we only live about an hour from each other and work about 15 minutes from each other, I don't see my sister very often so it's nice when we do get to see each other.  It's especially fun now that Natalie is more mobile and she and Tim can really play together.  Last night we learned that Natalie has added "Tim" to her vocabulary so it was really sweet to see her call for him when they were playing :)

sometimes they really do look like best friends :)
2. 100,000 miles.  Yesterday when I was driving home I hit 100k miles on my car.  For some reason this made me feel very adult. I have been in a very bumpy six year relationship with my equinox and yesterday I felt proud of that little car.  It was a big moment for us. 

3. New Babies and Pregnancies.  Tomorrow we get to meet baby Mia and I cannot wait to smell her.  I love that little baby smell.  I am also super excited to see Mia's mama.  We haven't seen the Nowlin clan in far too long.  Plus, I am excited that it is now facebook official news: my friend Kendra is pregnant! I am so excited for another new little baby this arriving by the end of the year.  While it doesn't exactly help my baby fever, it definitely lets me have to perks of a new baby + sleep, which is a good trade off for now!

4. This sunrise on the way to work (+ the lack of traffic):

Just a reminder that it's FriYAY and there is so much beauty in the world.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend ahead of them!  We will be working in the garden, meeting baby Mia (bring on the baby fever!) and enjoying a little afternoon picnic with friends this weekend. Perhaps we'll even sneak in a trip to the park.  We'll just have to see.

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