Wednesday, April 1, 2015

home sweet home

I know things have been fairly quiet on my end for the last week.  Life has been pretty crazy.  Here is a quick recap of how things went:

Tuesday: Normal work day for both Brandon and me, but we both popped by the house with some boxes to start moving things in.  We requested a pre-settlement rental deal from our sellers and they happily agreed to it.  We were thrilled to be able to get into the house early.

Wednesday: Natalie went to daycare and Brandon had work but I made more trips to the new house with boxes.  I also painted the basement family room and hallway.  Since I couldn't get the heat to turn on (later to find out because the gas was turned off), I didn't open the windows which led to somewhat frequent breaks to unpack.  By the end of the day Wednesday, the basement had gotten two coats of paint and the kitchen was partly unpacked.  At least, at the time I thought it was until I realized just how much kitchen stuff we really have!

Thursday: It was a bit of an insane day.  Brandon went to work. Natalie went to daycare. I took the dogs to the kennel, got coffee and made my first trip of the day to the new house. Brandon's parents got to the townhouse shortly after I got back and we packed up Gary's truck and my little SUV and we made a trip to the new house.  I stayed back and painted our bedroom with my sister while Gary and Lori made another couple trips.  I don't know what we would have done without them!  We picked up the u-haul Thursday afternoon and when Brandon got home from work, he and Gary got that packed. I finished up things at the new house, came back to pack up a few things and then went to get Natalie. Thursday night the moving truck went to the new house and we stayed at the hotel.  The staff at the Marriott were absolutely amazing.  Everyone was so helpful and so friendly. Bruce started on our floors on Thursday night and I was excited to see them on Friday morning.

Friday: Brandon and I said our final goodbyes to the townhouse.  It was really bittersweet.  We had closing #1 at 10:00 but it didn't start until 10:30 as our buyers got held up with their final walk through.  This nearly gave Brandon a heart attack - he was just waiting for something to go wrong.  By time we began, Brandon and I had already signed all of the paperwork.  The buyers of our home seemed nice. They will be using it as a rental property.  We had closing #2 at 11:00 and our sellers were there early so we were able to get started early.  Robin and Dennis were really nice and gave us some pointers about the house, some details about the neighborhood and let us know who has the best food. (Brandon found out on Monday that Robin was not kidding - the chicken salad from the deli is amazing.)  After closing, we went to lunch to celebrate.  Then we headed to the house and got everything out of the truck. Bruce came that evening after work and did more work on the floors.

Saturday: We put our focus on trying to get as much done as possible so that Bruce could finish the floors.  My sister, Michelle, and Brandon's college roommate, Greg, came to help us paint and we were able to get the three bedrooms on the main level painted.  I cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen and got more of those boxes unpacked.  It seemed like I worked for hours and barely made a dent.  Bruce came that evening and got the flooring done in Natalie's room.

Sunday:  We were at an impasse.  We couldn't do anything downstairs since Bruce had not finished the basement and we couldn't do anything upstairs since Bruce was working on those bedrooms.  It was a blessing in disguise.  We took advantage of the day off and spent time with Brandon's parents and with Natalie.  We took her to the hotel pool and she had so much fun.  Both the little miss and I were passed out by 5:30.  We were able to wake up enough to eat something and go back to bed.  By the time we went to bed, Bruce had finished all three bedrooms upstairs.

Monday: Brandon and I were both off.  I went straight to the house to wait for the guy to come turn the gas on and Brandon took Natalie to daycare.  I got right to work putting the second coat of paint on the walls in Natalie's room. We were able to finish painting in all of the bedrooms.  We have some minor touch-ups to do in all of the rooms, but nothing major and nothing that will get in the way of unpacking. Bruce got to the house around 8:30 and was able to finish up laying the flooring in the basement.  We also had Verizon and DirectTV come and get those things set up. 

Tuesday: Brandon went back to work and Natalie to daycare.  I was off one last day.  I spent the morning getting Natalie's room put together (sadly, I am still not done!) and pulling boxes out of the living room.  I put anything baby related that Natalie has outgrown in what will eventually be #2's room.  It's nice to have a centralized location for all of that stuff.  Once I got those things out of the living room, I could see some serious progress.  Bruce got to the house around 9 to finish up the clean-up process and install the thresholds and reducers.  Unfortunately, I got crappy ones and Bruce was not going to install bad materials.  Gotta love that :)  So we will see Bruce later this week to get the floors finished up.  I grabbed a late lunch with my friend Katie to celebrate her 30th birthday.  It was nice to catch up while she was in town from Cambodia.  We picked Natalie up after lunch so that Katie would get to see her.  Brandon picked up the dogs and Hank and Gemma came home for the first time last night and it was exciting.  Brandon and I thought Natalie was going to cry tears of joy when she saw Gemma.

We are all in a big adjustment period.  The dogs aren't sure how to handle all of the space. They also aren't so sure about the outside situation.  We used to just open the backdoor and let them run free, but now they have to be on a leash every time they go out while we wait to get a fence installed.  Natalie is adjusting to her new room nicely.  We kept the layout very similar to her room at the townhouse and I think that has helped.  Brandon and I are finally sleeping in our bedroom but won't have bedroom furniture until this weekend. Slowly but surely we're settling in.  I am hoping next week I will be able to have things settled enough to share a picture tour of the house :)

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