Friday, April 24, 2015

Four Happiness Friday

I am finally feeling like we're really getting settled.  The addition of a tv in the guest room has done wonders for our bedtime routine.  Mickey Mouse clubhouse comes on 30 minutes before bedtime so it's a perfect way to start the evening shut down.  I still haven't unpacked those last boxes but they will get done before I am 30... I hope. 

1. On Monday, I got held-over at work for an hour and a half while working on preparation for a huge physician and Embryology meeting that was happening that night. Brandon swooped in and picked up Nat and had dinner made by time I got home.  I am really lucky to be married to someone so thoughtful :)

2. National Infertility Awareness Week. I shared my story again yesterday for those who are new around here. I am so incredibly blessed to have such a funny, sweet, happy little girl and this week is a nice reminder of that.  I want people to know that they are NOT alone. 

3. New perfume. I cannot tell you when I ran out of perfume but I can tell you it's been quite a long time. The other day I splurged and got myself a new bottle of perfume. It is so nice to feel like I smell nice again - it makes me feel more put together and given how crazy I have been feeling lately, it helps to trick people into thinking I am sane. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it certainly can't be a crazy person. Am I right?  Brandon said I smell like me again. Thanks... I think. I also snagged Brandon some cologne. When I asked him what kind he wears, he told me "the free kind". Bless his heart.  His mom got us both D&G Light Blue one year for Christmas (it's what I wear anyways) and I liked the way he smelled in that so I went with that. (Thanks Lori for making that easier for me!)

4. Playing hooky. Although, I guess it doesn't really count as hooky when you tell your boss in advance that you will be calling out. I like my boss, like a lot, so I can't leave her hanging completely. Brandon convinced me that taking a day off, having some me time and making it a long weekend would increase my sanity.  The move and the chaos have finally caught up with me and I am feeling a little bit nuts.  Brandon said my pre-sleep rambles the other night could have sent me to the looney bin. So far today, I have slept in, enjoyed Nattie snuggles in bed while watching Kat & Mim-mim and had french toast sticks with our little girl.  I would say today is off to a good start :)  I have big plans to drop her off at daycare, get my oiled changed, grab lunch with a friend, unpack those last boxes (ha! I won't hold my breath) and take a nap before picking her back up. Yep, life is pretty good :)

Hope y'all have super wonderful weekends! It's supposed to be a bit cooler here this weekend so we may need to have some snuggles around the fire pit this weekend :) 

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