Friday, April 17, 2015

Four Happiness Friday

Slowly but surely we're adjusting to our new normal.  I know I have said it every week since the move, but it really does feel like it's been a process and much harder to settle into a rhythm this time around.  This weekend we are going to make a big push to finally unpack those last boxes and DirectTv is coming to set up the last of the tvs which means we can go back to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse snuggles before bed.  Normal is right around the corner. I just know it! So many exciting things happening in our home though so it's easy to be excited that it's Friday!

1. Natalie's new house big girl bedroom. It is everything I envisioned it would be!  A couple weeks ago when Sandee from the Frederick Papery dropped off Nat's paper garland I couldn't help but get super excited about how it would look in her new house big girl bedroom!  I don't know what I love most: the new bedding, the paper garland, her rug or the floors!  I am in love with the shelves Brandon hung for me! This is exactly the room I always pictured for the little miss :)

To celebrate the new house, The Frederick Papery is offering 10% off any purchase of $15 or more with coupon code WILKINSONSBLOG10!  You will be sure to find the most adorable paper garland, invitations and thank you notes! Custom orders are welcome!

2. On Sunday we took a little family walk around the new neighborhood. We walked down to the gas station deli to get some ice cream, ginger ale and snacks :) We also discovered a little pizza place within walking distance that we are looking forward to trying this weekend! And do you know what is next to the pizza place? An adorable little dance studio!  I am loving playing with the idea of putting Nat into a dance class in the next few years! The idea of her in a little leotard and tutu makes me so giddy!

3. The beginnings (shh don't tell Brandon it's only the beginning) of Natalie's spring/summer wardrobe arrived in the mail this past week.  I cannot wait for the weather to get consistently warmer so that I can get her into some of these outfits!  The weather report says 79 tomorrow which means the little miss will be sporting some shorts! I can't wait to see those chunky thighs running around the yard :)

this isn't even all of the loot :)
4. Infertility Awareness. This week I was asked to participate in an e-book being done by SGF to raise awareness about infertility. I also did a little interview with Melissa from One Mother to Another about my infertility journey. I love sharing my story in the hopes that I can help just one person to know that they are not alone. Sunday kicks off Infertility Awareness week so you can be sure I will be posting a recap of our infertility journey next week :)

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