Friday, April 10, 2015

Four Happiness Friday

Our first holiday in the house was a total success.  We're getting boxes unpacked and we're adjusting to new commutes and our new normal.  It's taking more time than I had anticipated and sometimes I feel like it's not real, but I guess that is so be expected. Here is this weeks four...

1. I am totally in love with my new #momlife bag from Emerson Grace Boutique!  It came in the mail last night and I had completely forgotten that I had pre-ordered it!  I could not be more excited to use this bag for trips out with the little miss :)

2. The wreath on my mantle :)  I mentioned before how excited I was to work with Karissa from The Burlap Boutique on making the perfect wreath for the front door.  Once all the furniture was in the house, I could not wait to hang this on the door!  Turns out, we have a steel front door and we cannot hang a wreath there.  The 3M hooks were not strong enough either.  And the cut out on the front door means no wreath hanger will fit.  After sulking for a bit, I found a place for it over the mantle and I love it there even more.  It absolutely is the perfect finishing touch to make our new house feel like home!

3. Easter Sunday.  We had so much fun celebrating Easter with our family.  It is so nice having a big yard where the kids could run around and play :)  I am still on cloud nine thinking about what a perfect day we all had!

4. On Thursday, Starbucks actually got my name right on my cup.  It's the little things in life :)  It's actually fairly embarrassing how much happiness it brought me.  I saw it as a sign that I was going to have a good day.

BONUS: Brandon and I rotate who puts Natalie to bed.  For awhile, I had been the one to put her to bed every night and it was hard.  She was at an age where the bedtime routine was brutal.  So we opted to split the schedule into an every other night rotation.  Bedtime is now one of the sweetest moments of the day so I cherish the bedtime routine and I think Brandon does too.  Wednesday night, I was picking things up in the hallway and peeked in on them.  It just melts my heart the way she adores him and he adores her.

This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous around here!  We are looking forward to playing outside and enjoying the yard!  Hope everyone has wonderful weekends and great spring weather to play in! 

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