Friday, April 3, 2015

Four Happiness Friday

Slowly but surely boxes are getting unpacked and life is getting back to normal. Well, it's a new normal for us but normal nonetheless.

1. New commute to work.  While my commute home is a total bear, my commute to work is a bit better.  On a good day, I was getting to work in about 53-55 minutes before my stop for coffee.  Now, I am getting to work in about 38-45 minutes and that includes my stop for coffee!  I take a windy little back road and it's really quite peaceful in the morning.  Not a terrible way to start the day :)  This week it has taken me anywhere from an hour and twenty five minutes to an hour and forty minutes to get home.  Hopefully we will be able to figure out a way to make that better!

2. Finished floors.  While Bruce still needs to lay down thresholds and reducers (whatever that means), the floors are done!  It is incredible how much bigger the house looks without carpet.  It was an expensive endeavor, but it was well worth the money.  And Gemma has been using the puppy pads successfully all week!  It's like she knew how to do it that whole time and just didn't because she is a malicious little creature. Brandon always tells me dogs aren't capable of spite, but I am pretty sure this proves he is wrong. Either way, I love my new floors and I am so proud of that little pooch!

3. Spring Weather.  It has been absolutely gorgeous the last couple days and I am really hoping this nice weather sticks around.  It has been so nice to come home and be able to go outside and play.  Natalie loves having a big yard to run around in!  While we (dogs included) are still adjusting to not being able to just open the back door every time the dogs want to go out, it's getting easier. Who am I kidding? I don't take them out, that is Brandon's job. He is adjusting.  It's been a bit frustrating but with time we will be able to get a fence up that Gemma can't crawl under and Hank can't jump!

4. Lunch dates. On Tuesday I had lunch with one of my high school best friends (Katie) to celebrate her 30th birthday and I ate some of the best avocado egg rolls I have ever had in my life. [Seriously, if you have a BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse near you, I suggest you go get them today.]  Then on Wednesday I had lunch with one of my work best friends (Jordan) to celebrate being back at work! ...oh yea, and my new home.  We had Nando's (yum) and Lily Magilly's cupcakes (double yum).  I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends to celebrate such big milestones with.

We have a big weekend ahead of us!  This weekend we have planned a trip to Lowe's, Home Goods and the outlets.  I need to get some new work pants.  This week we learned two things: (1) apparently, we didn't check the dryer before the move and it would so appear that I left my black ones in the dryer and (2) it seems as though I only own one pair of work pants.  And, more excitingly, Sunday is Easter! We are so excited to host our family at the new house!    

I hope everyone had super wonderful weeks and that the Easter Bunny comes to your house this weekend! Actually, that would be terrifying. So let's try this, here's to hoping everyone has wonderful weekends that do not involve a 6 foot rabbit making an appearance in their homes but do involve tons of fun, Easter goodies, friends and family :) 

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