Monday, April 6, 2015

first holiday in the new house :)

Brandon and I were just crazy enough to think hosting Easter a week after moving into the new house was a good idea.  It ended up being a great idea :)  Brandon and I both agreed that even though it had been much debated, we came up with a good menu: smoked ham, mac n cheese, french onion roasted potatoes, salad, cucumber salad, and french green beans.  We had enough food to feed a small country and we will be eating leftovers for a few days - something I am totally okay with!  The day was filled with good company, good food, tractor rides and an Easter egg hunt.  Both tiny humans were really well behaved and made it through the days without naps and with only minor meltdowns. 

Brandon, Natalie and me with Brandon's parents and brother :)

successful Easter egg hunt in the front yard!

my Easter pinterest win!
first peep :)

reading Easter books with Tia Chelle

love my little family of three :)
Overall, it was a really wonderful day.  The weekend was super chaotic and I could cry because I am so not ready for another work week, but I am happy we opted to take on the challenge.  Hope everyone else had a happy Easter or Passover or whatever celebration you opted to participate in this weekend! 

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