Monday, April 27, 2015

a weekend in pictures

So that big list of things that I wanted to accomplish on Friday... that was a joke.  After Natalie went to daycare, I had a most delicious breakfast sandwich from Sheetz, ran some errands (but did not get my oil changed), took a nap and then I went out to lunch. Did I unpack any of the boxes in the office? Nope. However, I did buy a little potty for the miss. 

We are going to start potty training. And I use that term "potty training" VERY loosely. We are going to sit on the potty before we change into our jammies at night. It's a step in the right direction. We aren't in any hurry to start this process. We're not entirely sure that she is ready to start the process but we're taking baby steps. She loves her potty so we're hoping that we can make this fun.  We have heard plenty of potty training nightmares so we're hoping that baby steps will be helpful for all of us.

Other than that, we had a pretty low-key weekend filled with snuggles, walks and s'mores.  We pulled my cozy coupe out of the shed and it was fun to see Natalie play with something that had been mine... even if it was short lived.  She really does not like any toy that keeps her confined or slows her down.  She ended up just pushing the car around the yard but it made her happy!  Half the time we're hit or miss on proper use of her toy lawn mower.  She will throw it over her shoulder and carry it around the yard if she feels it is taking her too much time to push it. Bless her little ever-moving heart :)

sharing secrets with Daddy :)

these two have come a long way!
I also read quite a few posts about watermarking and privacy this weekend, along with a few terrifying articles about stealing baby pictures for online role playing.  A few months ago I started putting my @becomingthewilkinsons on my pictures in my posts, but after some of the scary things I read over the weekend I will be trying to be better about it. I will be writing a post of my own about it this week so stay tuned for that!

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