Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Single Digits

We are in the single digit countdown until the move!  It is crazy how quickly this is approaching.  It is also fairly crazy that I still don't completely believe that the move is happening, you know?  I am just having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we really are moving out of the townhouse and into a single family.  Once we found the house, it all happened so quickly.  I looked it up this morning - we emailed Mike on 12/16 about a house we had found that had peaked our interest.  So what started as a little for shits and gigs inquiry escalated quickly.  I don't know that it has really had time to sink in.  I write about it and talk about it enough that you would think it has, but nope. I am still in disbelief. 

There has been a lot to do to prepare for the move and to prepare the new house for us to live there.  As I talked about on Monday, we had to replace the refrigerator in the new house and we needed to buy a washer and dryer for the house.  I have ALWAYS wanted to buy appliances so this was a very exciting part of the process for me - totally overwhelming but oh so very exciting. Oh the joys of adulthood :) We went to Lowe's as we had a 10% off coupon and they were having a sale on appliances.  We found exactly what we wanted and we set it up to be delivered after we moved in.  Getting this checked off the list was a HUGE relief!  

We also reached out to the sellers to see if they would be ok with us getting into the house a couple days early to move some things in and paint.  We have some really wonderful sellers.  They agreed to let us set up a pre-settlement rental deal for the two days before closing.  This is going to allow us to get into the house early and get started on the painting. So one week from today, I have a date with my new house and some paint :) So very exciting!  Thanks to our realtor, we found someone to do our floors.  That process will be started either next Wednesday or Thursday, so we are making progress. Slowly but surely, this is really happening.

Brandon started the last two classes of his Masters program this week so we have been living by checklists to make sure that we get everything done.  Never a dull moment in the Wilkinson house!  Nine days until closing and seven days until we can get into the house.  This is such an exciting time :)

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