Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March Blog Love

I am a little late on the blog love this month and I will actually be featuring one blog and a couple Etsy shops instead.  

Month #6 of Blog Love :)

Momma Bish
I worked with Emily at GSCNC and she was always super funny and super entertaining.  She is one of those women who is absolutely 100% not afraid to be herself. When she got pregnant, her facebook status posts were hysterical - an almost diary of those things that people don't tell you about pregnancy.  Once she had given birth, she exposed the hilarious hidden horrors of being new parents.  People finally convinced her to start a blog - The Misadventures of Momma Bish and Munchie - and now she shares her hysterical day to day with the rest of the world.  She has a very honest point of view on parenting and it's quite refreshing.  There isn't any of that everyday is rainbows and butterflies, it's real life over there and I highly recommend the read. 

A little bit of Etsy love this month :)  Both of these shops are playing a big role in making our new house a home and I am so excited to share them with you!

The Frederick Papery
This little shop is owned by one of my super crafty and talented co-workers.  If you are looking for paper garland, then this is the place to go! Sandee is super talented and patient and she comes up with some super cute ideas.  She is making some custom paper garland for Natalie's big girl room at the new house!  And once we get settled, we will also be getting some paper garland for the playroom.  She is lovely to work with and is open to trying new ideas and taking on a challenge! 

The Burlap Boutique
I absolutely love Karissa and this shop!  I had been eyeing her stuff on instagram and waiting patiently for the perfect time to buy a wreath.  Finally the time had come!  Getting a closing date on a new house is the PERFECT reason to get a new wreath!  As soon as we had a confirmed closing date, I ordered my wreath and Karissa worked with me to make sure I had the perfect color blue, the most perfectly matching bow and I am utterly in love with the final product.  She also makes the most adorable burlap banners which will be making their way into my life once we get settled :)

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