Friday, March 27, 2015

Four Happiness Friday

Today is the day! YAY! YAY! YAY!!  This weeks four happiness is very much devoted to our new home :) 

1. We go to closing on the new house TODAY! I cannot believe the day is finally here! It's going to be a very busy weekend and I am so excited and so anxious!  On the upside, we are already about a quarter done with getting things moved in!  Even though we are not going to closing until 11am today, we were able to get into the house early and we've made a decent dent in moving things into the house!  Brandon and I both brought some things over on Tuesday.  Then on Wednesday I was off to get some painting done at the house, so I was able to load up my car and bring quite a bit more over.  I was also able to help Brandon load up the truck before work for him to bring even more over. It really made it start to feel like home.  It was nice to be able to get things out of the townhouse early - it made cleaning it much easier!

2. Floors!  On Thursday, Bruce started on our floors :)  It was so crazy to see things coming together in such a real way.  Thanks to my parents floating us a loan until we get the money from selling our house (in just a few hours!), we were able to pick out some really lovely flooring and get started early.  It will be nice to have the flooring just about 100% done before Natalie moves in on Sunday. It's a big relief. I am really lucky to have parents who are willing to help in such a big way - even if it meant offering Natalie as collateral :)

3. Nanny & Farge.  While on the topic of having really lovely parents, Brandon's parents came down to help us with the move.  It was exciting for them to see just how big the little girl has gotten :) Brandon's mom is going to stay at the hotel with Natalie and watch her while we work on the house.  It is a big relief knowing that we will be able to get a lot done at the house this weekend without having to worry about Natalie being safe or trying to keep her out of the way.  We are really lucky to have family who is so willing to help out :)

4. Marriott hotels. Do you know that they have the absolute most comfortable beds, ever? I am surprised how well I slept considering we had Natalie in bed with us and I am pretty positive it is in large part to that bed being so comfy.

We are gearing up for a weekend of pure chaos and exhaustion.  Hope everyone else has a relaxing weekend and gets to enjoy some quality time with family and friends :)

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