Friday, March 13, 2015

Four Happiness Friday

I know I say it every week, but seriously - what a dang week. One more week until Spring and two more weeks until closing! Hopefully, Mother Nature isn't just playing a mean joke on us and this warmer, spring-like weather will stick around. [Read: for the love of God, please no more snow before we move.] I am loving that it has been consistently above 40 degrees.  Here is my four happiness for the week:

1. Happy 16 Months to my little miss!  I cannot believe how fast she is growing up.  I feel like in the last month alone she has really become a toddler.  Natalie is so independent, smart and strong!  She is really losing that innocent little baby look and really developing this sassy little toddler look. She has so much personality and we really just cannot get enough of her.  Sometimes I feel like she is going on 16 years old as opposed to 16 months with the sarcastic looks she gives us.  We are definitely in for a wild ride with this one. 

2. Daylight Savings Time. While I know that we lost an hour of sleep (and mid-week that really started to kick my ass), I also know that we gained an hour of sunlight.  This is mildly affecting bedtime (I don't know who I feel for more, Brandon or Natalie) BUT I can look past that because it means that when we get moved into the new house, we'll have more sunlight when we get home from work. More sunlight at the end of the day means we will be able to play in the yard before dinner sometimes which will be nice during the week. I am so excited about having a big yard to run around in with Natalie :)  It also means we could probably eat dinner on the deck a night or two during the week.  So exciting!

3. Lunch. On Monday one of my favorite pharmacy reps (for one of my favorite pharmacies) brought us lunch which included one of my favorite sandwiches. Nothing saves a tough Monday like a really good lunch.  The clinical team has a pharmacy rep lunch or breakfast almost every week but I really enjoy when Diana comes. She is really funny and doesn't try to bull shit us which is refreshing.  She also always brings ginger ale which is my favorite soda so that's another bonus moment of the week :)  On Wednesday, we had a little MJL team lunch.  It's nice to get out of the office for a little quality time with our doc.  I love my little SG work team :) 

3a. Speaking of work team love, so many people have been saving boxes for us to help us prepare for the move.  My co-worker friend Kendra talked to the head of maintenance and he brings her boxes every day.  We have been making out like bandits.  I just wish I had mentioned this sooner!

4. How to Get Away with Murder.  I am FINALLY caught up on the show.  HOLY CRAP. If you do not watch this show - do it. If you do watch this show, please contact me so that we can discuss.  I should have known better than to watch the season finale before bed. My heart was racing.  Once I finally did fall asleep, that show definitely haunted my dreams. It is so well done and I am completely hooked.  I called my mom and have instructed her to download the ABC app so that she can get caught up so that I can talk to her about it.  

This weekend we have Empire coming in to give us an estimate on re-doing the flooring at the new house.  Let's cross our fingers that this goes well!  

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