Friday, March 6, 2015

Four Happiness Friday

Somehow we survived another week. I feel like this one flew by though.  Perhaps it was all the packing we did or maybe it was because work and the weather were so crazy that I didn't have much time to think about anything else or perhaps it was that little sassy pants that keeps us running around like crazy people.  Regardless of the reason, this week was a quick one and I am thankful for that because it puts us one week closer to the big move!  

1. This past week we have made serious progress on getting things packed in the house.  As I mentioned yesterday, we have a trip planned for Salvation Army this weekend which will allow us to really assess the situation and see where we are with things.  We are also taking furniture to Michelle's house for part one of the bedroom set exchange which means we will be in the area of my favorite sub shop which means I am most definitely having an Italian cold cut tomorrow for lunch.

2. While it has been bitter cold lately, we have gotten some snow and the little miss LOVES playing in it while it's falling!  I recently got her a pair of big girl sneakers and they came in the mail just in time for a snow day last weekend.  She loved being able to (while keeping a death grip on Brandon/my hands) walk around the yard and play with her puppies.  I feel like in the last couple weeks she has become such a big girl. Where did my little baby go?!

3. Another Natalie moment this week: she is making HUGE strides to eat off a fork all by herself!  It is absolutely adorable and you can see how she is just beaming with pride at her accomplishment! Lately she has demanded a fork at dinner time, we oblige but she never does much with it.  This week she has used it to push her food around more so the other night we took her cues and helped her to pick up a piece of chicken.  She proudly ate the chicken off the fork and tried again for another piece.  While this makes dinner take twice as long, she is eating more because of the constant praise for eating off a fork and she is really getting good at it!  Such a proud mama :)

4. Yesterday we got a pretty bad snow storm that closed our offices and sent all non-essential personnel home.  I am one of those lucky non-essential people.  It took me a little bit over an hour to get home, but I made it there safely and that's what matters!  It was nice to get to spend a little quality time with my little miss. I made it home just in time to nap time snuggles which definitely made me so happy and Brandon too.  It meant that he was able to take a nap as well.  That little girl really kicks our asses some days.

Here is the hoping everyone has a WARM, safe weekend!  Don't forget to spring forward this weekend :)

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