Monday, March 16, 2015

Flooring Estimates, Surprise Parties and Appliances - oh my!

This was another really big weekend for the Wilkinsons.  Saturday morning we got up and went to the new house to have the flooring company, Empire, come and give us an estimate.  After dealing with dog pee on carpets in the townhouse, Brandon and I vowed to never have carpet again. Between the smell and the stains, I could kill Gemma.  

I was absolutely floored, no pun intended, by the estimate they gave us.  I have done A LOT of homework about laminate flooring.  I know that the cost can be anywhere from $0.64/sq ft to $2.99/sq ft and more.  I know that Lowe's installs laminate flooring for $1.99 sq foot. I know my realtor did his floors (about 2000 sq ft) for around $4k.  So when the sales representative from Empire told me that the quote for the "most cost effective" laminate flooring was over $18k I could not believe what he was saying.  We are not covering a huge amount of space.  We are talking about just shy of 1100 sq ft.  So you're telling me it's going to cost $16.81/sq foot.  You're shitting me, right?  He said the cost effective flooring didn't qualify for their 50/50/50 sale (and he wouldn't give us a quote for the buy 2 rooms, get the rest of the home free deal) but he would still cut us a break.  They could do the entire house for $7800 (roughly $7.09/sq ft).  Absolutely not. He said they could do the basement and Natalie's room for $5400.  So you're telling me 300 sq ft costs $2k?!  Yea right.  This guy saw two young kids buying a new house and thought he could play us like a fiddle.  So we're back to square one with the flooring, but our realtor is going to make some calls and see who he knows.  Gotta love a man with an in :)  One way or another, the floors will be done but they will absolutely NOT be done with Empire!

Saturday afternoon we ventured to Michelle's house to help set up for TJ's surprise birthday party.  It was nice to see and catch-up with people that we don't get to see often.  Natalie ran around the house and pushed people out of the way like she owned the place. TJ was almost surprised.  He would have been but he saw his friend Omar a couple blocks from the house and as TJ said "Omar never comes to Kensington".  Overall, it was a success.  We didn't get home until 9, but Natalie wore jammies home and we were able to get her right into bed.  She slept until 7:30 the next morning which was really nice and then she happily lay in bed talking until about 7:45.

Sunday we went to Lowe's to pick out new appliances for the new house.  There is not a washer or a dryer there and the house needed a new refrigerator.  Buying appliances is super overwhelming.  I thought I would really enjoy it because I could spend countless hours looking at appliances when I didn't need them.  In the moment, I was a total mess.  Thank the Lord for my husband.  He totally swept me off my feet and helped me pick out the best appliances.  Our fridge has the ice maker in the door which opens up so much room in the freezer.  Our washer was called the Cadillac of washers on one of the reviews and my mom was floored at the low price we paid!  We got some really great deals and I am super excited about them!  Delivery is set up for the day after closing and I am super relieved to have this crossed off the list - especially given the flooring debacle! 

Sunday afternoon was spent working on numbers and plans for the new house while my little brood took a nap.  I love peaceful afternoons like that :)  Another big weekend done.  Hard to believe we only have one more left in the house!  I guess this whole thing is really happening!

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