Wednesday, March 25, 2015

exhaustion and checklists

Exhausted: adjective

  1. drained of one's physical or mental resources; very tired
  2. (of resources or reserves) completely used up.

Between packing, work, life and a sick baby, I am exhausted and we still have a long way to go.  It has been a very busy few days getting things ready for the move and I have a full day of painting planned over at the new house today.  With closing happening in TWO days, Brandon and I have done a lot of packing and planning lately.  Since this move will hopefully be our last move until retirement, we have been coming up with ways to really make this house a home without killing ourselves.  We want to really stay on top of home things and keep everything looking top notch.  Our goal was to be in a single family home by 30.  To make that goal six months before turning 29 means we're pretty proud of ourselves :)  And we want that pride to be reflected in our home.

The new house is bigger than our townhouse so the idea of keeping it spotless was a little bit overwhelming.  Brandon and I are HUGE checklist people.  They make our lives so much easier and checking things off when they're done is one of the best feelings.  I found a daily cleaning guide on pinterest and made some edits to it so that it made sense for us and for our home.  I also made it into a checklist so that we can print it, laminate it and actually physically check things off each day.  I have to admit, we are pretty excited about this.  The breakdown makes working full time, having a clean home and a herding a toddler seem totally doable :)

It is so structured that it almost makes me excited about the cleaning itself but it definitely makes me excited about having a clean home! I love the idea of alternating the cleaning chore on Fridays.  I know that my cabinets at the townhouse don't get cleaned often enough. I also know that our fridge could stand to be cleaned out more often.  While I know Brandon does run the duster over the baseboards and walls, the idea of taking the time to clean those things in particular once a month is really nice.  This plan also leaves weekends open!  While I know there will be plenty of things to get done on the weekend, knowing that the bulk of our cleaning is already done is nice :)

Here's to hoping implementing this will be as easy as this chart makes it seem!

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