Tuesday, March 3, 2015

early Easter thoughts

I might be a little bit crazy.  Brandon and I close on the new house on Friday, March 27th.  A weekend and a week away from Easter on April 5th. Even though we will only be in the house for one full week, Brandon and I are going to host Easter lunch :)  Hosting holidays is one of my favorite things and I am really looking forward to Easter this year.  The new house has a big yard which means a much better Easter egg hunt is in store this year - especially since Natalie is walking now :)  I know she won't understand what's going on, but I think she will feed off Tim's excitement and really love running around in the yard!

Given that we won't have much time between moving in and Easter and I will have a lot to do to get ready, I have already started putting together Natalie's Easter basket.  I am a big fan of (mostly) candy free baskets at this age.  It forces me to be more creative and gives her an age appropriate basket :)  Here are the things I am loving this year for Easter.

As I have mentioned a thousand times, I love holiday themed books.  That being said I was excited to put a couple in Natalie's basket this year.  There were so many to pick from but I really love Easter Surprises and Ten Easter Eggs the best. (Ok, truth is, I had a list of four or eight others that I loved best, but decided two was the max I would put in her basket. I know her Nanny will pick out another great one!)  What would a holiday be without a bow from Emerson Grace Boutique?!  I could not get over how cute these little Easter bunny ears were :) EGB is easily one of my favorite Etsy shops!  I am not a doll person at all, but these little dolls from Friends of Suzy are adorable.  They are handmade and you can even have them customized based on hair color, skin color and eye color. Love it :) Since Natalie seems to be getting into a bit of a girly phase, I picked up some play jewelry which I thought would be perfect for her basket.  I also found these awesome Minnie Mouse "eggs" which I filled with little bow clips and a couple of chocolate coins because, honestly, what is Easter without them?!  I think the Minnie Mouse eggs will be perfect for the Easter egg hunt.  A great way to tell Natalie's eggs apart from Tim's. I found some awesome Spider Man eggs for him! :)

Planning her basket has definitely got me very excited for Easter (and even more excited for the big move)!  What are you putting in your little one's basket? 

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