Monday, March 9, 2015

and so it continues... packing pt 2

The packing and purging continues at the Wilkinson house.  As I mentioned last week, Brandon and I made a trip to Salvation Army over the weekend.  It felt good to not only get those things out of our house and see the progress we're making, but also to donate those things to people who might need them!

We also went to Michelle's house to drop off the bedroom set.  I have mentioned the bedroom set swap a bunch of times, but have never explained it.  Brandon and I have a mismatched bedroom set.  My parents left their complete bedroom set (bed, dressers and night stands) when they moved to Florida.  Michelle has agreed to give us the complete set in exchange for the mismatched set.  She's such a good sport :)  Plus, she gets to keep a coveted china cabinet that was going to be mine. We both won in this deal.  It took Brandon and TJ the same amount of time to unload the entire trailer as it did for Brandon and I to get the one dresser down the stairs of the townhouse.  It's nice having strong men around!  While they unloaded the trailer, Natalie was able to wreak havoc on Michelle's house and I got to catch up with Tim.  I loved getting to spend some time with my little best friend :)

After playtime with our little friend, we made our way home to assess the situation but not before a little drama on downtown's main street.  The cotter pin came out of the tow hitch and we almost lost the trailer about five minutes from our house.  Thank God that did not happen on the highway.  After more than a few cross words from the people stuck behind us at the traffic light, Brandon was able to get that fixed and we got home safely.  Never a dull moment with that guy.

Slowly but surely we are getting the house packed.  Natalie's room is just about done. I only have to take down the shelf that holds her monitor and take apart the crib - things that obviously won't be done until the day before we move. We have to get a few things out of her closet - just things we used during those first few months of having her home (the swing, part of the pack n play, her tub, etc.).  The bathrooms are, for all intents and purposes, packed up. We will throw whatever is left in them into a box the morning we move.  Our bedroom is almost done and we are living out of suitcases.  Our basement is just about done - we have a few miscellaneous odds and ends to pack up.  I feel like our entire house is filled with boxes.  And while I can see we have gotten so much done, I know that there is still quite a bit left to do!
Eighteen days until closing!  We are moving and shaking and getting it done!
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