Monday, February 9, 2015

what a weekend.

What a dang weekend.

When I got dressed Saturday morning, I stood at my dresser and said what says I am going to buy a house today. I needed some good ju-ju.  I put on jeans and one of my favorite long sleeve black shirts and I wore my real people boots as opposed to my Uggs. When I got down the stairs, Brandon did a double take.  If nothing else, I knew I looked good. He said to me "Mama, I am going to buy you a house today".  We had a good laugh about it while both holding out hope that he was right.

We had a showing on Saturday at noon.  When we show the house, we have to remove the dogs.  Since our recent discovery that Gemma gets carsick, we have been opting to creep on the house from the car.  For quick showings, this works well for Natalie.  For showings that take any length of time, this is brutal. We didn't want to take any chances, so I bundled Natalie up and we went to run errands. I needed an oil change anyways and wanted to pop into Target for a new thermometer and some diapers. Before Natalie and I got home, Brandon called to let us know we had gotten a formal offer on the house.  Eek!

my Target buddy :)
That afternoon we were going to see a house.  It was a quick drive from our current house and when we pulled into the driveway something felt different.  We stepped out of the car and smelled that crisp mountain air, someone had a fire going.  We walked the outside of the property while we waited for our realtor, Mike.  The yard was cute and had tons of potential.  Brandon and I both agreed that barring any crazy issues inside, we might be home.  When we got inside, there were some issues but nothing that would stop us from buying the house.  It needs some new appliances and a fresh coat of paint, but my mom once said "when you buy a house, you're paying for the appliances".  I would much rather have new ones anyways.  After looking around and doing some mental planning in my head, I knew that it was the house. I gave Brandon one look and he told Mike, it was the one.  Mike was floored.  He was surprised we knew so quickly.  But when you know, you know.  We went back to his office to write up the offer.
Mike teaching Natalie all about real estate :)

He really is the best :)
Sunday morning we opted to celebrate selling our house (we have to meet with the broker today as we are in a multiple offer situation!) and putting an offer in on the next one.  Not long after Natalie woke up from her morning nap, we got a phone call from Mike.  The sellers had accepted our offer.  We will tentatively go to closing at the end of March :)

Things are starting to fall into place and I could not be happier about that!

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