Friday, February 20, 2015

Four Happiness Friday

Another week down, another week closer to closing!  I cannot wrap my head around how fast February is flying by.  It does not seem possible that we're almost done with this month! However, it means we're that much closer to spring and while I was super excited about winter and snow, I guess I had totally forgotten about the bitter cold, 9 degree winter mornings. Oh well. Here are my four happiness things this week:

1. On Monday I got to have lunch with my best friend, Caitlin.  It felt like an eternity since we had gotten to see each other so it was nice to get to have a lunch date and to laugh and catch up :)  The only thing we were missing is the drinks.  Dang work getting in the way!  We went to Coastal Flats. I got the coastal shrimp roll and it was AMAZING even if they did screw up my order a little bit. 

2. Natalie has her 15 month well visit today.  I am dying to know how big she is now. The other night I was holding her as she fell asleep (the one joy of a sick child) and dang she got heavy fast! I am having the big debate: when do we turn the car seat around?  The MVA in the state of Maryland recommends 1 year/20 pounds. We have definitely hit the one year mark and we hit the 20 pound mark long before her first birthday. I know it's the safest for her to be rear facing (and the American Academy of Pediatrics says she should be until AT LEAST 2) but forward facing could be so much fun.  It could also be hell. Ahh decisions, decisions. 

3. the new Tiramisu latte from Starbucks. I got it on a whim on Wednesday morning and OH MY GOSHHHH. It is amazing. I am in love. It was definitely the perfect mid-week pick me up!

4. We have our home inspection TOMORROW! It was supposed to be last weekend but there was a scheduling error.  I am so excited to go see our house again :) I have been pinning things like crazy about how I want to decorate and what I want to do.  I told Brandon that I wanted to be smarter about decorating this time around. I want to decorate like a grown-up to make our house a home, not a twenty-five year old newly-wed who just bought her first house.  We agreed that we want to take our time decorating and not put things on the walls right away.  However, that does not apply to the little girl's room.  Her name on the wall is one of the first things I want to do in the new house.  I have to admit, I am beyond excited that I get to do Natalie's room again! I am keeping it pink and navy because I love it, but she will have a bigger room so there is more space to play with :) Eek! 

Hope everyone has safe, WARM, fun weekends :)

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