Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February Blog Love

Month #5 of Blog Love 

Momma's Gone City
I started following Jessica on instagram.  The pictures of her, at the time, youngest and their puppy during their daily nap time stole my heart.  I was so jealous because I knew neither of our dogs would ever be such sweet nappers with Natalie.  Seriously - if you don't know about #theoandbeau then I suggest you check out her blog and/or IG account! Soon after following her on instagram, I became a reader of her blog.  She is married to a dentist, a mama to four small humans (a title I think I would like to claim myself one day) and a paid mama blogger (hello, biggest daydream of them all).  She started her blog for the same reasons I did, to keep family in tune with what is going on in their lives.  With our family and friends spread out over much of the east coast, it's nice to have a way to keep people up to date.

Willow & Co.
Megan runs a little shop that I am a little bit in love with - Willow Crowns.  I found her through, you guessed it, Instagram.  Are you sensing the same trend I am? I kind of love instagram.  Megan writes about being a stay at home mom - she says in her about me section "if flawed motherhood, sarcasm and beauty products are your thing, stick around. you'll be just fine".  She is hysterical, super creative and she loves monograms as much as I do. Her daughter, Olivia, is cute as a button and a year older than Natalie which helps me to prepare myself for the road ahead.

If you have a mama blog or another blog that you think I should check out, let me know! I am always looking for more good reads!

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