Thursday, February 19, 2015

and so it begins... packing pt 1

Brandon and I are in full blown packing and trashing mode.  We are being realistic (or at least trying to be!) about what needs to make the move with us and doing our best to get rid of as much as possible.  We don't want to bring clutter to the new house.  After all, this is our big girl grown-up house.  And to be honest, this deep cleaning has been liberating.  The past week or so has been pretty hectic so we haven't gotten much done in the way of packing; however, on Sunday we went through our clothes to see what we could donate.  Turns out, we hoard clothes - especially sweatshirts - and I had an entire big plastic bin of sweatpants that I never knew existed that I am so not getting rid of. Brandon might kill me :)
...oh the things you find when packing!
my sick little helper :) 
We can't wait to watch her grow into this gem we found :)
In total, we came up with SEVEN bags of clothes and shoes to donate.  And we haven't even looked through the tubs of sweatshirts in our storage closet in the basement!  That's a lot of stuff that we will not have to try to find a home for in the new house! 
the donation loot
We also have several pieces of furniture that we know are not going to make the move so we will be trying to sell those first and if they don't go by the end of the week, then we will be taking them to the Salvation Army or the Habitat for Humanity donation site.  While we still have a LONG way to go, it was nice to get some things out of the house.  It definitely helps to feel like we are getting somewhere - even if it doesn't look like it!  I just have to keep reminding myself that we are taking steps in the right direction :)

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