Wednesday, January 21, 2015

the terrible teens (months)

Everyone has heard of the terrible twos and the terrible threes (or my new favorite term - the threenager), but why doesn't anyone tell you about the terrible teens (months).  I don't know if it is just a phase, good Lord willing it is, but Natalie has been just mean lately.  Life in the Wilkinson house has not been a peachy and roses.  It is a scary war zone sometimes.

Up until now, we have been SUPER lucky.  For the most part, Natalie has been a good girl about diaper changes and getting dressed.  While we have experienced some diaper changes that made Olympic sports look like a cake-walk, we have had it easy from what I am hearing from my mom friends. This winter when we have approached her with her coat, she puts her arm out in an effort to help get it on.  Once her shirt is over her head, she will generally put her arms in and try to find the arm holes. But in the last couple weeks, those things seem to be happening less and less.  

If she sees her coat and does not want to go, she holds her arms stiff at her side. That child is freakishly strong.  When it comes to getting dressed, if she is not ready then it's a fight to get her shirt over her head.  When it's finally there, she will stick her arms in and finish putting it on, but the battle to get the shirt on in the first place is crazy.  Pants? What are those? No pants for her these days.  The other day I was trying to put her pants back on after a diaper change. It was a struggle to say the least.  You would think I was trying to brand the child the way she kicked and squirmed.  She finally slammed her head back and busted my lip.  For the first time ever, I lost my patience with her.  I let out a "you have got to be f-ing kidding me, Natalie".  [Yep, the full blown f-word was used] She stood up on the couch (a big no-no), put her hand on her hip and said ut-oh. She knew she was wrong and she did not care. Heaven help me when this girl gets a full vocabulary. 

Standing on the couch is her new favorite thing and a huge no-no. I am constantly telling her no. She repeats the word no back to me. I tell her to sit down. She tells me no. I give her hand a little smack and tell her to sit down.  She winds up and gives me a full blown hit and tells me no. I pick her up and put her on the floor. Cue meltdown while trying to climb on the couch again. I make the mistake of asking "are you going to sit on the couch like a nice girl?" To which she will always shake her head no. At least she is honest.

If she is not fighting her pants or trying to stand on the couch, she is busy terrorizing the poor dogs.  Our pit-bull, Hank, takes the brunt of it.  She calls him "Bad" as if that is his name. She is constantly using him as a jungle gym or hitting him with blocks. He just lays there or responds to the love smack with a smothering of kisses for her. He loves that little girl and is so patient and sweet to her.  So Brandon and I try to take a page out of his book.  

We try to remain patient and calm.  She is learning and growing and this is all part of that.  So we hug her close when she is being mean and pray that this phase doesn't last another two years.  I know our sweet little girl is in there.  Last night she proved it. We snuggled up and watched all the "pup-pas" in 101 Dalmatians.  She nuzzled into me so sweetly before taking a chomp out of my arm... Biting. Awesome. At least she is vaccinated :)

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