Monday, January 19, 2015

Ready-made Friends

I have said it before and I am sure I will say it a million times again, I never, in a thousand years, envisioned having a relationship with my nephew.  My younger sister wanted nothing to do with me (and the feeling was mutual given the lifestyle choices she has made/is making) and that meant not having a relationship with my small friend Tim.  While I am sure I posted about it somewhere, Michelle was awarded sole legal and physical custody of Tim in August and I could not be happier about it.  I get to watch him grow up and I absolutely love watching his relationship with Natalie grow and change.  It really is something special.

While my own cousins are particularly awesome, I was jealous of Brandon and how close in age he and his cousins are.  I am closer in age to some of my cousins children than I am to them, but that does not at all change our relationship.  In fact, when I wanted beer senior year of high school, it really worked to my advantage! I digress... I am excited that Tim and Natalie are close in age.  They have a ready-made friend in each other and this weekend proved that we are FINALLY getting to an age where they will actually play nicely together.  This weekend also provided my favorite series of pictures of them to date...

I cannot handle how cute they are :)  Natalie did annoy Tim quite a bit and Tim got on her nerves more than once, but they are two years apart, this is to be expected at this stage.  I am sure in a blink of an eye these two will be running around in the yard playing soccer together.  Ugh, they are growing up too quickly!

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