Thursday, January 1, 2015

happy new year!

I feel like this last year went by in the blink of an eye!  I guess that's part of the fun of parenting.  Dr. Levy once told me, "the days may feel long, but the years are short".  That could not be more true about this last year! But it was an incredible year.

This year, the New Year's Eve festivities were definitely low-key [read: I was in bed by 8:15pm] because I have to work today.  However, it looks like we'll have a short day today, so I am hoping to be home by 1 in time for the Winter Classic!  And of course, tonight we cheer on our Bama boys in the Sugar Bowl :) ROLL TIDE!

This year, I came up with my resolutions mid-December and implemented them right away.
  • Pack lunch. Yep. Something so simple as to actually bring lunch to work because I had been terrible about it.  I would either spend money and get food or I would simply not eat lunch at all.  Brandon has been really awesome about helping me with this and he makes me a sandwich or puts together leftovers that I will actually reheat and eat.
  • Separate work and home/personal.  I am terrible about reading emails when I am home and doing work related things while I am out of the office.  I am working very hard to separate the two but I am a sucker to the "always on" culture. 
I generally don't last long when it comes to resolutions, but I think these ones are pretty good and they should stick!  Did you make any resolutions? Do they have staying power?

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