Friday, January 30, 2015

Four Happiness Friday

This week was a rough week but we have some fun things planned for this potentially snowy weekend (snuggles and hot cocoa for everyone!) so here's to hoping that helps us get out of this rut.  I struggled to come up with four happy things which makes me feel really ungrateful and really frustrated.  I was so excited about winter until we decided to put our house on the market!  So here we go...

1. The snow has been super pretty and I really love it [minus the hindrance it is putting on getting people over to show our house].  I am sure Brandon didn't mind having a snow day on Tuesday after being off Monday for the holiday. Oh the joys of being a teacher! I love watching the snow fall while snuggling up in front of our little fake fireplace. It has been so cute to see Natalie climb up on the couch to look out the window with her puppies. The three of them are so cute together. Natalie watches the snow fall with such wonder and I love getting to witness her excitement about it.  I cannot wait until she is a little bit older and we can bundle her up to play in it.  I don't want to take her out now for any length of time because she can't really articulate to me when she is cold.  Soon enough though!

2. Sons of Liberty. I love being married to a huge history nerd because I am a closet history nerd.  I am absolutely loving the Sons of Liberty miniseries being shown on the History channel.  We dvr'd it and have been taking our time to watch it.  I am really sad that we will be watching the last episode in the series tonight.  I am not ready for it to end. It was so well done and entertaining.  I understand that there have been quite a few inaccuracies but get over it.  I am much happier watching cute Sam Adams run around Boston than if I was watching a portly Sam Adams. 

3. Mr. Hank. He has been such a good dog this week, which totally makes up for the fact that he ate the blinds last week.  Brandon and I have taken the baby gates down to patch holes and we put up make-shift gates when we are all in the living room. Hank has taken it upon himself to be the babysitter when the gates are down.  He follows Natalie wherever she goes to make sure she is staying out of trouble.  Or maybe he is trying to get in trouble with her. Or more likely, he is hoping she has a little snack. She loves to run away from Hank and have him chase her.  She'll stop quickly, turn around and be greeted with a ton of slobbery kisses which sends her into fits of giggles.  Regardless of the reason Hank has been following her, it has been so cute to watch.  When I was pregnant so many people told me that we would be foolish to keep the "vicious pit bull" because they are a "dangerous breed".  I would sooner get rid of the people who said those things than my sweet boy.  He loves that little girl so much and it makes Brandon and me love him so much more.

4. We have had several showings on the house since the listing went up last Friday night. In fact, we have one tonight.  I can't help but hold out a little bit of hope that this showing is the showing. I am ready to get this thing sold and move on!  I was so not made for selling houses!  I can add realtor to my list of jobs that I could never have.

So while this week was a rough week, we really do have so many things to be grateful for.  I just need to remember that and remain cautiously optimistic, as Dr. Levy would say, when it comes to the house and getting it sold.  I need to remember to embrace the little happiness moments when they occur and stop worrying about things that are out of my control.

Ugh. So much easier said than done!

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