Friday, January 23, 2015

Four Happiness Friday

I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that January is almost over already.  How did that happen?  If this is any indication on how the rest of the year is going to go, I better start planning Natalie's birthday now! Just kidding... maybe :)

1. As of today, our home is officially on the market!  This is the first step towards something big and I am really excited.  I always knew that we would sell the townhouse and move on to a single family home, but this all seems to surreal.  It is really bittersweet.  I am excited about looking for a new home and the possibilities that come with that, but the townhouse held so many firsts for us.  It was our first home together.  It was our first big purchase as a married couple. It was where we brought Natalie home, where she said her first words and took her first steps.  It will be sad to leave the townhouse but we are really excited for this next chapter in our story.

2. If you have ever been to our house, then you know Hank.  He is our lovable, snuggley, huggley 110 lb pit bull.  He is our first born and was the absolute right dog at the absolute worst time.  Luckily, I convinced my dad and Brandon that he would make a great addition to the family.  Our realtor told Brandon and me that Hank is a bit of a liability when it comes to showing our house.  He is, what we affectionately refer to as, a face raper. He loves to give big, slobbery, wet kisses whether you want them or not.  I knew if week-day showings came up, we would have to do something about the dogs. I talked to my supervisor about it and she was super supportive and totally understood.  She is going to work with me to make sure I get my hours in while also being able to go home and scoop the puppies should there be a week-day showing.  I am VERY lucky to work in a place that offers me that kind of flexibility. Amy knows I am a stickler about getting my hours in so I think that works in my favor!

3. I weighed myself on Wednesday morning just for shits and gigs and I am down THIRTEEN pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I have been feeling really good and seeing that number just confirms that I am doing something right.  I don't know that I have a real number goal that I am aiming for though - number goals don't go well for me - but I can see a difference and I feel one as well. I have been really working on eating breakfast and lunch and it has made a huge difference in how I look and feel. It's seriously encouraging.  I haven't felt this good about my body in a really long time.

4. I am starting a project with the editor of a blog that I really love and I am excited to share more about it in the near future.  Right now, it's in the beginning stages so I don't want to say too much, but it is something that I am excited about.  As to not leave too much suspense, I will be working with Nancy from I Made This Dish to work on my New Year's resolution of packing lunch.  Stay tuned for more details on that :)

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