Sunday, January 25, 2015

first steps to big things

Wednesday night our realtor, Mike, came by to sign the paperwork to list our house.  It was intense, exciting and a little bit scary.  There is so much unknown but Mike has been super reassuring.  He knows how crazy I am because he helped us to buy our townhouse and I appreciate how confident he is about selling our house while also being very realistic about what we can expect.  Before leaving, Mike looked around the kitchen and told us we needed to de-clutter and depersonalize the place a bit before we take pictures for the listing.  Seemed easy enough.  As soon as Natalie went to bed, Brandon and I set to work.

I had absolutely no idea how depersonalizing our house would make me feel.  I didn't think much about it while we were doing it.  Mike gave us a task to complete and I wanted to get it done.  Wednesday night we took all the pictures and magnets off of the fridge.  We took down our engagement gift magnet board from Danielle and Dee. We took down our family pictures in the living room and in the office. We packed up a box of kitchen things we have out but don't use often to make the kitchen look bigger and cleaner. It was a good start.  

Thursday morning when I came downstairs and went into the kitchen and saw how bare it was in comparison to the previous morning, it started to hit me. We were going to sell the townhouse. We were going to leave behind this place that has meant so much. When I went out to start my car, the lock box hit the door and it made me twinge with guilt about how loud it was.  I had forgotten that Mike had already put it on the door.  I looked down and saw the for sale sign sitting next to the front door, remembering that someone was going to come put that up in our yard. I got a little emotional.

The townhouse is where I feel like our story really began.  It was where we really fell into our marriage and started our happily ever after as husband and wife.  It was where I experienced one of the hardest losses of my life in my miscarriage.  And where my marriage found strength to overcome infertility obstacles.  It was where we, as a couple, got to experience the joy and excitement of a positive pregnancy test. It was where we brought Natalie home, where we spent the first year of her life, where we really became the Wilkinsons. It's hard to take these steps towards something different, but I am excited to see what is to come.

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