Saturday, December 20, 2014

picture perfect

Now that our cards have gone out, I am so excited to share this post.  A few weeks ago we had pictures taken for our holiday card and I am in love.  My older sister's friend, Monique, dabbles in photography and is really quite talented.  She had posted on facebook that she is always looking for models to test her skills so I decided to take advantage of that.  We planned to do the pictures after my nephew's 3rd birthday party.  We figured the party was taking place at a park and we would all already be there, why not kill two birds with one stone.  We spent all of about twenty minutes taking pictures and Monique got some really great ones of my little family.  I showed her the pictures I had found on pinterest that I really liked and boom, boom, boom, we were done!  Here are some of my favorites from the day.

these two are my world :)

Brandon hates pictures because he feels like it's very phony and staged.  Monique was so fabulous that not only did she get real smiles out of my husband, he wants to do more family pictures with her in the future! I am so excited that we have found such an incredible photographer and that I will get to have really wonderful, quality images of my little family as it grows :)  This year, I am happy to say that the hardest part about our holiday card was picking which pictures to put in it!

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