Thursday, December 4, 2014

Natalie's Christmas Wish List

I have been giving a lot of thought to Natalie's Christmas list lately.  It's so hard to think about more presents when our little townhouse is already filled to the brim with toys from her first birthday.  Brandon and I had to rearrange the furniture in our home in order to accommodate all of her new things, so we felt like Christmas should be more simple.  Besides, gifts are not the reason for the season and she doesn't even remotely understand the idea of Christmas at this age anyways, which is a blessing this year.

(1) I am obsessed with Emerson Grace Boutique.  Chelsea had the fair isle print infinity scarves in both mama and mini size so I had to scoop up a set. I love having a little girl and I am super excited to have mama and mini matching accessories to wear with her this winter.

(2) I am obsessed with building Natalie's library to the point where I am sure people are sick of hearing me talk about it.  I absolutely love reading seasonal stories to Natalie so I am lucky that her Nanny loves everything seasonal too because she always finds great books for Natalie that go along with the seasons.  [We are still reading her Thanksgiving book every night because she loves it so much!]  A Blessed Nest featured these two books in her 25 books of Christmas post and I am hoping that Santa brings them to Natalie this year :) 

(3) If you know me, you know of my love affair with Sweet N Swag moccasins.  I am utterly obsessed.  They are super easy to get on and take off. And they are even easier to clean! I am excited to say that Natalie will be getting two pairs for Christmas this year since she is rapidly outgrowing the ones that she has!

(4) Lately, Natalie and I have been working on her letters.  At least, I have been showing her the letters on her blocks and she has been ignoring me. Either way, I am determined to have a genius child.  There are a lot of letter puzzles out there, but I saw this one by Janod on A Blessed Nest's Christmas List for her daughter, Olivia and I fell in love.  The colors are so bright and bold and that was a big draw for me.  Most of the puzzles I have seen have primary colors and while those are lovely, I really like the unique colors used in this puzzle.

(5) I love Pottery Barn Kids.  There, I said it.  Natalie has a really awesome chair that her Nanny and Farge got her, but our accident prone little girl seems to injure herself on it a bit too often for my liking.  This Harper Anywhere Chair by Pottery Barn Kids has a foam core that is a little more Natalie friendly while she is mastering this whole walking thing.  I love the monogramming ability and I especially love the medallion square with her initial. It's simple but nice.  We moved her chair into the basement where we have set up a little man cave turned extended family room and I love how adorable it looks between the recliners :)

(6) I am pretty sure that including this on her wish list makes me a little bit crazy and I will be quite surprised if this is not her Unkie's first pick for what to get her.  I looked to my mama blogs for ideas for Natalie's birthday wish list and her Christmas list and Jessica Garvin had this on her thirteen and fourteen month favorites post.  She said that while it might be one of the most annoying toys of all time, it is something that Harper loved to play with all day long.  Here's to hoping that if Natalie gets it, she will love it that much too :)

(7) My mother-in-law always tells me that Natalie needs a doll.  It's hard for me because I was never really been into baby dolls growing up but I know she is right so I have been on a search for the perfect doll.  I wanted to find something not so traditional to ease myself into this whole doll thing and I think for a first doll, I have found the right one.  I am seriously smitten with the blabla kids knit dolls.  I have absolutely no idea what draws me to them, but I am obsessed.  I love that they are a little bit funky and different.  They have a bit of a doll feel while also being a bit like a stuffed animal.  Natalie and I are really hoping that Suzette the Fox makes an appearance under the Christmas tree this year!

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