Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Blog Love

Month #3 of Blog Love :)

A Blessed Nest
I stumbled upon Megan through her Instagram account and then began following her blog. She is an RN turned SAHM.  She describes herself as someone who has "a passion for marriage, motherhood, making your house a home and discovering modern handmade products".  She has done the cutest series on toddler meals and I love the things she comes up with!  They have inspired more than one of Natalie's breakfasts and dinners!  If you're looking for new, creative meals for the little one - she has some great ideas!  It was Megan who inspired Natalie's candy free Easter basket.  She had some of the cutest ideas that are very practical and super sweet.  Her pinterest account is full of so many great finds, as well.  Not to mention, Megan is also the brains behind the 52 weeks of Natalie (#NattieWeekly) which took over my instagram after #Nattie365 came to an end on her birthday.  Needless to say, I feel quite inspired after reading her blog :)

Little Baby Garvin
This is easily my favorite blog that I follow and if you're looking for a great read, then this is my Christmas present to you.  This is the blog that started it all.  The blog with the chalkboard that helped me get through each negative pregnancy test and gave me hope that one day I too would be documenting a pregnancy of my own.  I loved following Jessica's pregnancy from the beginning and then reading her adventures in parenting "cocktails and curse words included".  It always cracked me up that her husband is Brandon too and our Brandons seem to have quite a bit in common. Now that she is a mama of two, I love reading her blog even more - which I didn't even know would be possible! I always envision my Brandon and I adding another one (or two or hopefully three) to our brood eventually, so it's fun to read about her parenting adventures. She is absolutely hysterical and her blog reads like you're sitting at her kitchen table drinking coffee with her. She is creative to boot and knows how to do holidays right! The arts and crafts projects that she does with Harper makes me super excited for a time when Natalie and I will be doing a little crafting of our own :)

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