Tuesday, December 9, 2014

best. present. ever.

A couple weeks ago I came up with literally the best Christmas present idea ever for Brandon.  I cannot get over how good this one is.  I love having matching mama and mini accessories with Natalie.  It really is one of the best parts of this whole parenthood/having a little girl thing.  I wanted Brandon to be able to share in this experience so I wanted to get Natalie and him matching shirts.  But not just any shirts.

If you know Brandon, then you know his love for Chevy Chase's movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  No matter the time of year, that man finds a way to quote that movie.  One of his favorite scenes is when Clark is looking out the window watching Eddie empty his waste into the sewer.  If you have never seen it, I have shared a clip of the movie for you.  I knew I had to find a shirt from that scene. 

I was so excited when I found it on Etsy.  The shops Tees to You had an assortment of holiday movie quote shirts for both adults and children.   I have been dying since I hit the Add to Cart button for this thing to arrive so that I could give it to Brandon.  I got into work yesterday morning and there it was, on my desk, waiting to be wrapped.  Good thing I brought a box and paper to work for that very reason :)

daddy and mini matching shirts :)
I gave Brandon the present last night and his reaction was priceless.

That reaction right there (along with his ridiculous giggling) is the best part of finding the perfect silly gift for him.  [The belly laugh from his dad when he called to show his parents was easily the second best part of it.]  I love that he and Natalie will have matching outfits for Christmas morning.  It's especially fun since Natalie has no idea what the shirt says.  I am sure that when she is older it will be one of her favorite pictures.

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