Thursday, December 11, 2014

a case of the sniffles

Did you know, on average, tiny humans get NINE colds before their first birthday and six to ten colds every winter after that until like middle school?  I am sure that is the last thing my poor friend Jordan wants to hear right now.  I feel like every other week either Natalie has the sniffles or Zac has the sniffles.  Oh, the joys of daycare!  On the upside, those kids will have one hell of an immune system :)  With the first day of winter coming up on the 21st, I wanted to share some of our cold season must haves!

1. Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier with Vapopad inserts.  Natalie sleeps with her humidifier on every night during the winter.  It keeps her room extra moist and a little bit more snug which allows her to sleep better.  If she has a cold, we will use the Vapopads that accompany the humidifier.  They are wonderful.  I recently discovered that they make rosemary and lavender ones as well which I like to use at the end of her colds to help her sleep better.  I know some people prefer a cool mist over the warm mist, but we have found the warm mist to be super comforting.

2. Boogie wipes.  While I completely believe that these are glorified tissues, I have come to accept them as a necessity. As an adult, blowing your nose 1000 times a day hurts so for a child, I am sure it's 10 times worse.  Natalie will only let us blow her nose if we use these.  In fact, she has started to take them to try to blow her nose herself. Adorable.  To all those mamas out there who get to use the nosefrida - I envy you.  Natalie does not let me go near her with a nasal aspirator, so trying to use that would be pure torture!

3. Baby Vicks.  A co-worker of mine told me about putting the vicks on the bottom of Natalie's feet and it works like a charm.  I am not comfortable lathering it on her chest just yet, but a little on the bottom of her feet and she sleeps really well.  We do have a lavendar rub that we will put on her chest from time to time if she is having a lot of trouble sleeping, but that's rare because we are extremely lucky.

4. Hand sanitizer.  There is one in just about every room in our house, in my car and hanging from her diaper bag.  I know there has been a lot of back and forth about the pros and cons of hand sanitizer, but they provide me with some comfort.  If we sneeze, it's nice to have a little hand-sani in the living room for a quick germ kill.  When we are on the go, it's nice to have something to wipe down trays with or do a quick clean if a bathroom has no soap.  Better to be prepared.

5. Saline drops.  Sometimes you need a little help to get that mucus and since Natalie won't let me use a nasal aspirator, this is the next best thing.  A quick sneak attack and I have a little help to break up the congestion. It also helps when her nose gets dry and crusty. 

6. Footie pjs. When the little miss is sick, these are a must - especially if we are putting vicks on the bottom of her feet.  I will not put the vicks on her feet unless they are covered for two reasons (1) I don't want her to rub her foot on something and then it somehow get in her eye and (2) I don't want the vicks to get everywhere making more cleaning work for myself.  I am a total sucker for footie pjs, so the miss gets a new pair with almost every cold.  I especially love seasonal ones!

What are your cold season must haves?  Do you have any family remedies that have been passed down from mama to mama?  

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