Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: a year in review

What a year.  I cannot believe that 2014 will come to a close tonight.  I feel like I blinked and the year is over.  There were so many highlights so it's hard to pick out the best moments of the year but, of course, I am going to try.

Here are, in no particular order, five of my favorite memories from 2014:

1. Our first family vacation. There are so many favorite moments from that trip.  Natalie crawled for the first time on Father's Day.  Brandon celebrated his first Father's Day. Natalie experienced the beach for the first time and she loved it!  She was also a little water baby at the pool.  I loved our morning walks on the boardwalk and wish we were still taking a walk by the beach every morning.  It was really such a wonderful trip and I cannot wait for the next one :)

2. Natalie's first trip to Florida.  I learned so much about myself and Natalie in the airport on that trip.  I was so anxious but I handled it well and so did she.  I loved getting to spend that extra time with my parents and I cannot wait to bring Natalie back (hopefully) next year.  I miss having my parents close by, especially now that we have Natalie, but I think it makes our visits with them that much more meaningful and special. 

3. The family party in New Jersey.  We had the most perfect, gorgeous weather that day.  It wasn't too hot, which, for end of June, was a total fluke. I loved getting to see family that we don't see often and introducing them to Natalie.  It was especially nice to see Barbara and Haley!  We hadn't seen them since our wedding.  We were able to get a picture of Natalie with Brandon, Gary and Grandma which is so special to have.  I love the generational pictures like that.  It was a really perfect day.

4. Basically any Nat & Tim moment.  They have come so far.  It has been so much fun to see them both grow and change in the last year.  Tim is such a sweet big cousin and Natalie really loves him. I love to see the way he hugs her and kisses her boo-boos better when she cries.  They are finally getting to a point where they can really play together and it is super sweet to watch.  I am excited to see what this next year brings for their relationship. 

5. Natalie's milestone moments. I know this is kind of a cop out, but I cannot narrow it down.  The first time she crawled was so exciting.  The first time she really walked on her own was something else.  The first time she crawled up the stairs was a surprise that caught both Brandon and I off guard.  She is so smart and so strong and she is constantly learning and growing.  She has made this last year so incredible and I don't know what we would do without her.

It's sad to see 2014 come to an end.  It was such a great year filled with so many incredible moments and memories.  As sad as I am to say goodbye to 2014, I have a feeling that 2015 will bring some very exciting things to the Wilkinson family :)  

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