Friday, November 14, 2014

one YEAR old :)

age: It's here! It's here! It's finally here!  My little girl is one year old :)

weight: When we went for her well visit yesterday, we found out her appointment had been cancelled without letting us know.  Thank goodness I work at a doctor's office.  The lovely medical assistants at SG helped me get Natalie weighed and, with a little creativity, helped me get her height.  At the rip old age of one (can you tell how excited I am?!), the miss is weighing in at 26lbs 2oz, which puts her in the 98th percentile for weight.  She stands 31.5 inches tall which puts her in the 99th percentile for height.  She is our big, strong girl and we could not be more proud.

food: We recently learned that Natalie LOVES bbq.  It's really no surprise since I ate an alarming amount of bbq (if that is even possible) when I was pregnant. She is a great eater.  We recently discovered Ella's Kitchen nibbler bars and Gerber's cereal bars.  They are wonderful.  Natalie gets to be super independent and feed herself and we know she is getting a good balance of the right ingredients :)

milestones: She is walking more and more.  I feel like every day she is becoming more and more comfortable on her own two feet.  She looks like a little Frankenstein and I love it.  We are up to NINE teeth!  I have no idea when some of them sneaked in.  She does not make any fuss when she is teething. We are seriously blessed in that regard!  The little miss is constantly on the go and keeps herself very busy.

favorites: In the last month, she has become an even bigger book lover.  I am thrilled!  She is going to be a little genius.  Every night she wants to read the Pout Pout fish.  She crawls over to her bookcase and she pulls it down.  She will even turn it to the first page in the book where the story begins.  I love it :)

Natalie is also very good about quiet play.  She can keep herself entertained for quite awhile before she needs something from Brandon and I.  For her birthday, my friend Jordan got her the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Click'n Learn Remote and I am surprised Natalie didn't try to take it to bed with her.  She played with it from the moment it came out of the bag.  It has been less than 24 hours and Brandon and I have already learned a few of the songs because we have heard them so much!

looking forward to: There is so much I am looking forward to.  This weekend we are having family pictures done after my nephew's 3rd birthday party and I am beyond thrilled. I am excited for Natalie to celebrate Tim's birthday with him.  It's really not something that I ever really thought would happen.  I love how close those two are getting :)  I am also seriously looking forward to her first birthday celebration!  Then soon after that, it will be her first real Thanksgiving where she can participate in the eating and not just the food coma snuggles. November is a big month for our little family and I am so excited for it!

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