Wednesday, November 26, 2014

7 Thankful Days - Day 4

Every day for the first year of Natalie's life, I took a picture and put it on Instagram with the hashtag #Nattie365.  I captured 365 moments of my little girl's life over the course of a year.  I cherish each and every one of those pictures.  The first year happens so fast and those little babies change so quickly.  I am so thankful for the pictures that I have of Natalie because she is growing up entirely too fast.  I am so thankful for the ability to freeze time and keep those little moments for a rainy day.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to do maternity pictures. After the struggle we went through to get pregnant, I am glad we have those pictures as a reminder of how strong our marriage is and how determined we were to have a family.  It's funny - I barely remember being pregnant. It only just happened and I barely remember it. I don't even recognize some of the pictures of me at the end of my pregnancy.  Sometimes I wonder if it really did happen.  I am thankful to have the pictures to prove it, otherwise sometimes I don't think even I would believe it.  I am also so thankful for our newborn pictures.  I cannot believe my little girl was ever that small.  I love being able to look back on those pictures and remember her little tiny fingers and toes and her sweet little lips. I am grateful to have that reminder of how precious she was and just what a gift from God she is.  

We recently did some family pictures for our Christmas card and I am thrilled with them.  We don't have many pictures of our little family.  In fact, prior to these pictures being taken, I think I could probably count on one hand the number of pictures we have of the three of us.  I cherish those pictures for that reason.  I am thankful for my little family and love being able to have a little piece of them with me no matter where I am.

I love being able to have a moment frozen in time of what life looks like as the three of us because you never know how long it will be that way.  Life is so precious and so are the memories that are captured in photographs. 

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