Wednesday, October 29, 2014

my newest obsession: Wishlist by Amazon

A handful of weekends ago I went to a baby shower where the mom-to-be had registered on  I didn't know Amazon had a registry option. (Hindsight being 20/20 - it's probably a really good thing we did not know this when we got married.  Lord only knows what that husband of mine would have put on there!)  When I went on to see what the mom-to-be registered for, I noticed there was a "wish list" section on Amazon.  I made a mental note to revisit this.

I finally found a chance to go back and check out this whole "wish list" thing. Heaven help us. I am obsessed.  Since Natalie was born, people are always asking what she needs and what they can get her.  Everyone who meets the little girl wants to spoil her rotten.  It's something I have had a hard time with.  This wish list gives us a place to point all those incredibly generous people.  When people ask what Natalie wants, needs, whatever - I can point them in the direction of her wish list.  It's mostly comprised of books because I really want to build her library (**hint hint**) because Natalie really loves reading, especially at bedtime :) Don't worry, I am not a fun hater, there are some toys on there and some other miscellaneous odds and ends - plates for down the road and cute placemats that I like for holidays and also for every day use.

More than just being able to give people an idea of what Natalie wants/needs/whatever - it also allows Brandon and I to keep track of things we like for her down the road.  Right now, Natalie doesn't need any plates, but I really like the ones on her wish list and have heard great things about them from some of the other mom blogs that I follow.  The wishlist allows me to save them for when she does need them.  I also found the most adorable sprinkler - clearly not something we need in October but something to look into next summer.  In trying to build her library, this allows me (and other people) to buy her books and know which ones she doesn't already have. (At that baby shower, I was one of two people who got the same book for the baby.  It happens at baby showers and birthday parties all the time - this helps to try to eliminate that problem). 

While creating her wishlist, I also found out about Amazon Smile.  I was able to link my Amazon account to a charity of my choice (Sophie and Madigan's Playground) and now a portion of what I spend will automatically be given to my charity.  I highly recommend checking it out and, if you don't have a charity of choice to link your Amazon account to, please use mine!  Sophie and Madigan's Playground is a really great choice :)

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this post are absolutely my own and, much to my own dismay, Amazon is not giving me anything for loving them so much.  

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