Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloweenie

If you caught my 28 for 28, then you already know that Halloween was never my favorite holiday growing up.  That could not be further from the truth now that I have my mini-me.  I have been looking forward to Halloween for MONTHS.  I purchased Natalie's costume from Krafty Sensations (an adorable little Etsy shop) back in AUGUST.  I could not contain my excitement. 

While I wasn't going to send Natalie to daycare in her costume (for fear of something getting ruined), I made sure that Natalie had a holiday appropriate outfit.  I love Carter's holiday themed items and this shirt could not be any more true :)

The minute I got home from picking Natalie up from daycare, I got her into her Halloween costume.  I could not be happier with how this turned out.  Karen included an adorable little waistband flower for the tutu, but it doubled as a perfect headband accessory.  I knew Natalie wouldn't keep the antenna on long, so it was nice to have a back-up plan :)

While I know she is too young to appreciate it, I wanted to do something fun and themey for dinner.  What can I say, having this little girl to celebrate with and make memories with put me 100% in the Halloweenie spirit!  I found these Mummy Meat Loaves on and while they don't look quite like the picture, I am happy with how they turned out :)  Meatloaf is one of the little girl's favorites, so that was an added bonus!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween and I can't wait to hear how everyone else celebrate the holiday!!

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