Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ten and eleven month favorites

1. Boogie wipes.  These things are seriously just glorified baby wipes.  My mother-in-law was going to buy them a couple weeks ago for Natalie and that's exactly what I told her.  And then Natalie developed a cold and would not let us come near her nose with a tissue.  I caved and bought these glorified baby wipes and I am SO happy I did.  Natalie has been letting us wipe her nose and she will even take the wipe and clean her nose herself - it doesn't help but it is absolutely precious.

2. Sweet n Swag moccasins.  I mentioned these in my bring on the Fall post, but I am so obsessed that I have to share them yet again.  Natalie loves her moccasins.  I love her moccasins.  We get compliments on them all. the. time.  They are very affordable ($15-20/pair).  They are incredibly easy to get on - seriously, my husband says it all the time!  She seems to be incredibly comfortable in them.  They are so easy to clean. And they are cute to boot.  What is not to love?!

3. L.L.Bean Junior Original Backpack.  I wanted to get Natalie a bag that she could take to daycare that would be super easy to pack and something that she could grow into.  I wanted something I could have her name on so it was easily identifiable as hers and because, well, I love a good monogram :) Also, I was completely over the diaper bag.  I got an out of the blue coupon from L.L. Bean and decided to look there. I am so happy that I did! Their bags are really great quality and they have been around forever so I know they aren't going anywhere.  I won't have to worry about not doing for the next one what I have done for the first one. (As a second child, this is something I always worry about.)

4. Halloween reads :)  Natalie and I LOVE books!  I especially love seasonal reads.  I found A Halloween Scare in Maryland by chance one day when I was at Sam's Club. I had to have it. I mean, Natalie had to have it. It is a super cute story and her hometown is in the book - what is not to love about that?! We also found Room on the Broom at Sam's Club.  The metrical rhyming makes it a great story to settle her into bed. "How the cat purred/ and how the witch grinned,/ As they sat on their broomstick/ and flew through the wind." 

5. Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Crawl Around Car. The car has 75+ songs and phrases that it uses to teach little ones and fuel interactive play.  Natalie loves to dance to the songs and is captivated by the lights on the dashboard.  There are so many different aspects of play with this toy that it is something that she can definitely use for quite some time and grow into. It introduces first words, numbers and letters through song while also helping develop fine motor skills with the shape sorter on the door. Eventually, we will be able to use it for imaginative play which is something I am very excited about :)

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